Development training

Top and middle management training programmes, leadership models, career management/ training forums/ info booths, co-development, team-building, running Executive Committee meetings, consulting and co-design, conventions

A selection of the best coaches

Certified, experienced, supervised coaches, selected based on results; individual and group support; they include executive, senior executive and high-potential managers.

Development Center

Customized individual and group assessments, best-in-class evaluation techniques, role-playing for greater effectiveness, development strategies, designed for high-potential managers, mobility analysis, and future Executive Committee members.


The agility provided by an ecosystem of 40 people: international, experienced and renowned consultants/ speakers/ facilitators/ trainers/ coaches.

The strength of a multicultural, dynamic and high-performance network

Providing you with top-drawer consultants who are aware of the challenges you face as well as your corporate culture and DNA.